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There’s a powerful connection between the state of our homes and workplaces and our personal health and well-being. As a public health expert and one of the world’s first KonMari-certified organizers, I've seen the life-changing transformation that occurs when we prioritize our intentions and energy by organizing and simplifying the environments we live and work in.

Decluttering is about so much more than getting rid of things: When we make purposeful choices about what we want to live with, we also set intentions for how we want to live.

I provide guidance in decluttering and tidying using Marie Kondo’s patented KonMari Method™ to help my clients bring awareness to what's hiding beneath the clutter. Building on this foundation, I offer coaching and consultation in planning and organizing home and work spaces, implementing schedules, and creating new habits for sustainable order and organization that translate to increased health, mindfulness, productivity and joy.

Welcome to your world, Decluttered.

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Jenny Albertini

KonMari™ Consultant
Public Health Expert
Mindfulness Guide

As a global public health advisor with the U.S. government, I spent two decades improving systems that enhance the health and well-being of communities around the world. With a natural aptitude and appreciation for order, in 2016, I set out on a new path to train with Marie Kondo to become one of the world’s first KonMari-certified organizational consultants. I’ve also pursued in-depth training in workplace mindfulness to address how to bring our truest selves to our professional lives. It’s a powerful combination.

Today, I pair my unique expertise in behavioral change, mindfulness and wellness with Marie Kondo's proven decluttering methods to help my clients experience greater personal and professional satisfaction and fulfillment.

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Mindful Organizing for 
Health, Home, and Beyond

by Jenny Albertini addresses the underlying causes of clutter and provides readers with actionable steps to lead a joyful life. Coming from a public health expert who spent over two decades designing health initiatives around the world, this book is a mindful exploration of how and why clutter manifests in our lives.
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Make Room For Joy

I believe we all deserve to live and work in beautiful, functional spaces. Orderly environments create calm and happiness in our lives and allow us to be purposeful in our intentions and actions.

Through guided organizing sessions, we'll identify the patterns causing chaos in your life and create a step-by-step plan to remove what no longer serves or supports you. This process is about decluttering both your space and your thinking.

As we organize and simplify your environment, we’ll uncover what feels manageable, inspiring and in sync with who you are and who you’re becoming. This work is designed to help you clear out the clutter – physically and emotionally – and make room for joy.

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  • You’re tired of being surrounded by clutter. 
  • You’re ready to make changes in your life and need guidance along the way. 
  • You long for a space that makes you feel joyful and peaceful at the same time. 
  • You’re stuck in a process that’s not working for you and that’s holding you back. 
  • You’re ready to release what no longer brings you happiness.
  • You want to feel proud of your home. 
  • You want to be more productive in your workspace.

Whether working with communities to ensure women's health services are equitably distributed or helping busy professionals refine their chaotic homes, I’ve always found purpose and excitement in helping people live healthier, calmer lives.

I’m honored to work with clients who are ready to take action and who need guidance and support along the way – those who know their approach just isn’t working anymore and who long to find an accessible, sustainable system for organizing their world. 

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Mindful and personal, my process is grounded in the KonMari Method of tidying up and informed by a deep understanding of how the built environment impacts our health and well-being. While the result of our work can be seen all around you, my approach addresses the unseen root causes of overwhelm and excess.

As we peel away the layers and begin to establish new systems of order, we also assess and adjust outdated habits and patterns that cause stress and disorder. By approaching organization holistically, we create a foundation for healthy, balanced, peaceful living.

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My Services

Decluttered for Home, Self & Work

I offer a full range of services for home, self and work to help individuals and businesses create new habits for sustainable order and organization that translate to increased health, mindfulness, productivity and joy. All Decluttered services are available both in person and virtually.

Decluttered for home


Declutter spaces throughout your home that are creating stress and learn to organize in a way that brings more calm and intentionality into your life.

Home Design

Design and curate your space based on your personal vision and organizational needs.

Systems Planning

Ensure your new systems flourish with a customized plan to maintain organization and flow over time.

Decluttered for self

KonMari Method™

Learn how to use the KonMari Method™ to address clutter anywhere in your home or life.


Clear out mental clutter and discover mindful solutions to create more joy in your personal and professional life.

Career Consulting

Get guidance, advice and encouragement for navigating the next steps of your career in professional organizing, KonMari consulting or wellness and public health.

Decluttered for work


Create and implement a sustainable method for workspace organization with hands-on guidance in organizing office space for optimal functionality and productivity.


Engage and inspire your teams to achieve greater organization, balance, success and fulfillment at work through customized workshops.


Establish a mindful and compassionate work environment and a healthy workplace culture where individuals can grow and flourish.

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creating new
habits for calm

In just two sessions with Jenny, my bedroom has been transformed. It is such a joy to be able to locate my clothing right away. I could even get dressed in the dark, because I know where everything is. It's amazing to see the amount of things I never needed or used, and I feel lighter having given those items away! I look forward to working with Jenny throughout the rest of my house!


We had such positive feedback from the staff who attended the sessions Jenny led for us. A few mentioned they started the day at home with a guided meditation. One person said she [meditated] with her assistant manager before starting the day and that they committed to continuing the practice [together].

Mindfulness Workshop Attendee

[Jenny’s workshop] made me think that if I haven't worn something in a year or two, it's time to ‘thank my things’ and part with them.


Jenny changed the way I think, and therefore live, with my belongings. I look at my things more objectively and she taught me how to keep the most important pieces. I needed help getting started and I couldn’t have done it without her! I recommend this process for everyone.


While I was already aware of the method, it was good to have someone there holding me accountable when going through my items so that I was really making sure they suit me ‘today,’ not in the past or one-day in the future. I loved how you reorganized my closet space so that I could see things better; even small changes made a huge difference.


Jenny is inspiring! I liked the idea of putting all our cleaning goods for every room in one place so I don't buy duplicate items anymore. Plus it will clear out the space under my kitchen and bathroom sinks.

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Ready to learn more? From establishing order in the kitchen to decluttering for kids, you’ll find a range of informative resources in my writing on the KonMari Method™ and the connections between organization, health and productivity.

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My process declutters your home – and has the power to transform your life.

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