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I work with
clients who are
ready for a

People who feel stagnant, overwhelmed or frustrated in their daily lives. They can’t quite pinpoint the root of the problem, but they’re aware of being blocked or stuck in place. (Sound familiar?) 

Physical chaos and obstacles to progress are often a reflection of what’s happening inside of us. My role is to help you understand the habits, beliefs and circumstances that are causing stagnation, disorder or imbalance in your life and guide you down a new path. 

I’ve always found purpose and excitement in helping people live healthier, calmer lives, and I’m honored to work with clients who are ready to take action and who need guidance and support along the way – those who know their approach just isn’t working anymore and who long to find an accessible, sustainable system for organizing their world.

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Decluttering & Mindfulness
for Individuals, Couples & Families

These days, we’re all busy. When we do have free time, tidying and organizing is usually the last thing we want to be doing. That’s why I help individuals, couples and families declutter their lives once and for all.

When we don’t have a process established for placement and storage within the home, there’s an underlying sense of chaos. We never really know where anything is or how much we have of it. This stress, even if it feels insignificant, ripples into our relationships, work, health and financial stability.

When working one-on-one, I take time to understand the setbacks you’re experiencing, where you long to see change, and help you visualize your dream space. We begin decluttering slowly, step-by-step, and then we organize to reach that vision, until one day you’re sitting in a room you used to avoid, feeling at peace in your home and balanced in your daily life.

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Decluttering &
Wellness for Business

Through my work in the public health sector, I helped improve systems that enhance the health and well-being of communities around the world. Now I bring the practices of organization and mindfulness to small businesses and Fortune 500 companies alike.

I teach employees how to create more efficiency, productivity and balance in their professional and personal lives – from organizing work areas and meeting work-style needs, to cleaning out unread inbox messages and scheduling the day in a way that allows each individual to do their best work.

While employees gain a greater sense of personal balance and productivity, companies benefit from a more efficient, energized team advancing the organization toward its goals.

joyful corporate clients

Mighty Hive
Furnished Quarters
Bozzuto Management Company
World Bicycle Relief
Museum of Modern Art
National Urban League
 Carr Properties

Under Armour
Inter-American Development Bank
US State Department
The Smithsonian Institute
KonMari Inc
Destination DC
Community College System of New Hampshire
Novel South Capitol 
Brand Guild